Thursday, October 20, 2011

Updates whilst in hiding...

Just when I thought I could hide on holiday - I thought I would let you all know a few things..

1) Napier has a 4 day long weekend this weekend, so no updates from the store about progress, but I am back in on Tuesday, so I will get some pictures & have more info then.

2) The Wildlife Rescue Centre do not require any more jumpers, but if you have completed one, send it as we have another rescue centre who has requested the surplus once the crisis has abated.

3) My inbox has practically imploding - I have received over 600 emails in the last 3 days.  I am answering all of them personally - just please be patient as I am actually on a family holiday for another 3 days, so I am at the mercy of my very dear friend who is letting me chain myself to his computer for hours on end each day to try & stay on top of them all.

4) I have been fielding calls from a lot of international media - this morning we featured on Good Morning America!!!  If you are from an international media agency - Thank you for all your positive coverage.  For those wanting interviews, just remember - if you want something for Monday shows - with any luck we would have won the Rugby World Cup on Sunday - So I can not assure you how compus mentus I might be!

In the meantime - thank you again for the out pouring of love & messages of support.  When I return from holiday I will be putting together a care package for the team in Tauranga passing on all your messages.

In the meantime - in this rugby obsessed nation... Go Wales! And long live the almighty All Blacks!

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  1. Swedish media wrote about it today, so you might get even more jumpers.