Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yarn, yarn & more yarn!

At last I come up for air! I have been downstairs checking stocks in the warehouse, forward orders & what’s new - so much to do after being away.

Firstly on the restocking front: I have updated stocks in Vintage, Harvest, Perendale, Southlander, Urban, Merino Soft, Moondance & Naked. There are still lines yet to be received, but much of the colours in the ranges have been updated. Harvest is now down to the last colours - so stock up as I can’t guarantee that it will be respun in the new year. Also the base stock of Moondance has now all being dyed up - so what we have in stock is it before it to disappears.
Naked Skeinz: A new spin batch of the DK MW has been booked in, so it is coming. So to is the organic - raw materials have been the hold up here. Good news is Naked Possum is now back, as too is Naked Sock.
Vineyard Colours.jpg
The 6 new colours in the Vineyard Series
So what’s new Pussycat?

A new Limited Edition range under the Skeinz Label - Vineyard colours. A classic 100% Wool Shetland style 4ply in colours that reflect the HB vineyards where we live. Perfect to be knitted on their own or ideal for colour work - very sharply priced at $4.00 a 50gm ball.

We also have a new URBAN colour - Leafy Mint is one of my favourite colours from the Perendale range & we also used this in Daisy Chain (called Sorbet) as well. It’s great to have it in the MW Urban range as it is the perfect contrast to Clover, Ice, & Pale Pink. It is also a great Baby shade.
MS Coconut Ice.jpg
babes will look sweet in a little Coconut Ice
Speaking of babies….

The last of the ‘Ice’ Limited Edition colourways for Merino Soft has arrived - Called Coconut Ice, it is the classic combination of Baby Pink & white. It’s been in the shop for a week & it’s just romping out the door - it too has the special LE pricing of just $4.50 a 50gm ball.

SK Kid Hibiscus DK.jpg
Vibrant Hibiscus wool/kid DK
Also romping is the Skeinz Wool/Kid mohair DK. The random colours have really sparked up our Spring knitting & having now seen a number of finished items, reports back from knitters is they love the extra softness & drape the Kid adds to the blend. So we have added a few Solid shades to the range.

First is Hibiscus - a reddy orange or orangey red (depending on your point of view!), it looks amazing with Boa, secondly is Pesto, a rich zingy citrusy Lime green & lastly a moorish Chocolate brown. All are great value at $4 a ball

SK Kid Pesto DK.jpg
Add some punch with some Pesto

If you like the zing of Pesto - it has also been dyed off in a LE colourway in Whisper Mohair alongside SeaSpray. These colours will brighten up your wardrobe or add some flash to your homewares.

Whisper Seaspray LE.jpg
Stylish SeaSpray

If you want to buy Skeinz yarn for gifts, we will gift wrap them for you for free. The fine print for this is: Each recipient will have to be done as a separate order - we can’t bundle orders together for free postage (unless your order more than $50 per individual). Also if you are wishing to send/receive from Overseas - we too are bound by the overseas postage deadlines for Christmas. Here in NZ, however it’s business as usual!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Knit Romney!

You win just for having such a great name Mr. Romney!

I was very fortunate to live in USA as an exchange student in the late 1980's & ever since I have had a fascination with American politics.  Let's face it it is so much more interesting than our Kiwi version.

November is medical conference season for my husband and now that our boys are old enough to have some 'Granny' time, we head away tomorrow for 12 days up in Chicago.  This means that every 4 years we hit the US in the middle of election fever.  I couldn't let this go.  Firstly we are heading to Obama country so it may seem a little arse about face that we are having a promotion using Mitt Romney. But lets face it, when you have the same surname as New Zealand most populous sheep breed - well I'm sorry I just can't let that one go.  So it's Knit Romney time at skeinz.com - with discounts on all our Southlander hanks, made from NZ's very own Romney sheep.

So win or lose Mitt - just for your name your a winner on our book - Knit on Mr Romney!