Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Too much yarn - too little time!

Knitting has had great publicity in HB this Winter
I can't believe it's been since the beginning of July since I last posted - naughty Maree!
The Winter at Skeinz has been crazy busy.  Yarn has been flying everywhere.  We were heavily involved with Knit August Nights (It's compulsory as I organise it!) & at the forefront of the Creative Napier & Napier Inner City Marketing Tree Cosy installation. 

Suzanne & Mary doing a final check before the Knitters Market in August
I am pleased to say all went very well & were a tremendous amount of fun.  So now that the nation is gripped by rugby fever we though instead of taking a breath we would make ourselves even busier & launch our first GrabOne Promotion.  This has been epic!  728 lucky people snapped up GrabOne coupons to redeem with us here at Skeinz.  So you can imagine that for the last two weeks we have all been frantic picking & packing orders to get out to you for your Spring time knitting.

Ian Kelly in his element doing a mill tour during KAN:2
I am hoping over the next few weeks we can catch our breath & start looking forward to the new goodies planned for later this year & the new year.  There is a new Summer yarn in the pipeline & a new machine washable yarn which as been dyed (the yarn is just waiting to be 'caked' out the back - the colours are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G) plus a few other Skeinz Original yarn that didn't quite make it through balling for the Spring Sale.

To much fibre, too little time!
We are also supporting alongside with the Hawkes Bay Ravelry Knitters a Spring Knitting 'Drop-In' knitting clinic.  So if you are in Napier on the 29th of October at East Pier Brasserie on Hardinge Road Ahuriri & are wanting to drop in for a knit or want help sharpening up a skill or even picking up the needles for the first time, contact Jennie & she'll get you registered.  There's a small fee ($10) to help cover venue costs & morning tea.  In the meantime - knit on & Go the All Blacks!!

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