Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jolly Jumpers

Ok - I have a confession to make. My wee penguin project has gone a wee bit, well, viral.  This is great - ideal you might say, and it is, but what I didn't factor was how, viral & what a wonderful amount of support we have received for the cause.  My problem is, I have taken off on holiday the day after things exploded.  So apologies if I may seem a little detached in some of my correspondence, as I am answering emails & enquiries on the fly whilst out of town away from all my usual comforts & technologies of home.

Whilst I do have 5 minutes net time I thought I would post a few images of jumpers we have had post about via Ravelry.  Also over 100 have been received at Skeinz today alone - I hope to post a  picture of them soon.

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