Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Playing in the Big Top

You have to LOVE customers! The wee knit angel who knitted the Beret in the Dora Circus, rocked up in the shop yesterday with another done in Monkey 3D. This yarn really does look SO good worked up into garments. It's a steal too, just $3.50 a ball & you too can play in the Big Top!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's a Jam!

Suzanne yarning about yarn at the Fuitbowl Craft Jam

This past weekend myself, Suzanne, Brendan, Peter & Mary all flew the Skeinz flag at the inaugural Fruitbowl Craft Jam in Hastings. The event was a smashing success & I hope organisers Jess & Jo are buoyed on by what a fabulous job they'd done & make it an annual event.

The Atrium at the Hastings Opera House was a stunning location.

Armed with 'Slipper Kits', Vintage & the new Circus yarn, we were quite mean really, making all those eager crafters stock up to make their own instead of all the stunning finished goods that were available on the day.

Dora Beret

The Circus colours have certainly livened up the line-up & for all those that have been wondering what on earth will this yarn knit up like, well one of our regulars popped in Friday with this cuter than cute Beret made in 'Dora'. She's absolutely chuffed with the results & quite frankly, so are we, it looks great don't you think!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Running Away to the Circus

Circus 10ply - Dora

Finally Circus has crept its way through to me & what fun we have had. Circus is a real experiment with colour. Firstly we created a feminine colourway which is very aptly named Dora. Perfect for all those who love that bilingual explorer, it a combination of pinks, oranges, lemons & purples - Very, Very, Very Dora….

Jester3 MonkeyD

Then the Monkeys moved into the dye house - well needless to say these were very cheeky monkeys that got dye all over the place & we have now contained them into a ‘barrel’ - Called Jester3, we have 6 Monkeys in all. Monkey A & B have only got 27 balls each, but Monkeys C thru F went a little crazy & we have plenty of the little blighters who need homes. Circus is very keenly priced - Just $3.50 a ball (or 2.25 Euro/GBP) - so brighten up you knitting & run away to the Circus!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catching a Free Ship

Donkey & Maree are thrilled at the thought of Free Shipping!

We have been busy tweeking the site over the last week, getting all the 'Lost Yarns' added & more importantly improving the international pricing so we are able to offer Free Shipping when you spend 50.

Spend $50 NZ dollars & we will ship free to a NZ address (shipping to an international address will incur a freight charge)

$50 Australian get you free shipping to Aussie, 50 Euro's get's you free delivery to Europe, GBP to the UK, CAN$ to Canada & US dollars to pretty much everywhere else.

This should make it much easier for our international & local customers to work out what they need without getting any freight 'surprises'.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Indiana Chatts & the Temple of Wool

Peter, aka Indiana Chatts, has been fossicking around the Mill the last few weeks & cleaning, creating, dying & spinning a variety of yarn that has been otherwise 'Lost'.

We have randoms (see Lilac Garden pic above), DK's, Mohairs, Merino, Boucle, more all listed & priced from $2.50 a 50gm ball. This is a great time to stock up & find a home for your very own Skeinz treasure....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Top

We have a number of Limited Release yarns bubbling away about to be launched in time for the Northern Hemisphere Winter. These are fun yarns, all made just for us, & using a variety of different fibres & materials.

One of the first of these is going to be Circus. A fun 10ply yarn designed especially for childrens knitting. Bright zany colours which scream hat's, jumpers, hoodies, fun, colour, play, noise. We are just awaiting labels & this yarn will be listed on the site (hopefully within the next two weeks), but in the meantime, enjoy the wee swatch I have been doing for Circus & if you haven't signed up for our newsletter or our Ravelry Group, do so & be the first to hear about Circus going live.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yarn that Speaks to Me

I would upload dozens of yarns a month, you could say I was literally drowning in the stuff. I have to be made of stern stuff, do you know what it's like working in the thick of something that you love so much? It can be torture I can tell you!

I have become quite disciplined over the years, only re-homing yarns that I have a specific purpose/pattern for, but every now and again a yarn 'speaks' to me. Today it was this seductively coloured super chunky Merino Alpaca. A single roving yarn which is super soft & can be transformed into some ultra high fashion items. As soon an I saw the reds & purples of this yarn all I could think about was a Midsomer Murder Mystery, hence it's name "Death in a Chocolate Box", get seduced now, just freshly uploaded to

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Alchemy.

Welcome to The Yarn Kitchen!

I felt it was time that had it's own voice. So much of what I do for Skeinz is evolving & growing - it was time for me to share some of the goings on away from own personal blog. has grown dramatically over the past 4 months since we went live. Is wonderful to see something you created take on a live of it's own. So it's now time to catch our breath after a busy Southern Hemisphere Winter season & start stirring the pots for what's next.

Because Skeinz is sited at the yarn 'ground zero', alchemy takes place not with just colour, but also yarn composition. Keep your eyes out for some new yarns which are exciting blends of fibre & colour.

In the meantime make sure you are signed up to keep abreast of every new. Make sure you are signed up for our online yarn club, join our Skeinz group on Ravelry & as of today I also have a Skeinz page on Facebook.

Back to work!