Wednesday, July 20, 2016

On Show.

Met these characters at the Wairoa Show - they were young cowboys in the making!
The A & P Show is as quintessentially kiwi as it gets.  Every agricultural nation have their spin on their community getting together to celebrate what it is they do best, but for us it's the A&P Show.

As children we flocked to the show, extorted money off the grandparents and tolerated being dragged around the stock exhibits and home industries so we could then hare off to the amusements to make ourselves sick on rides and lurid coloured drinks.  Now as a parent I can attest, not much has changed, but what has changed is our appreciation of what goes on at the Show, what is celebrated and also participating myself in those elements I couldn't give much time for before.

A&P Show's celebrate all the elements and primary industries that are vital to our local communities.
The hardest thing about hosting such an event is that juggle between tradition and relevance. About making the event something that celebrates the generations who have been before, but also speak to the generations and future generations attending now.

I see this working in an industry which is hundreds of years old and have loved seeing the refreshed interest in all things home, craft and most importantly hand made.  Driven by social media and the ability to easily share what you do to a wider audience. As someone who has always participated in the domestic arts, it's really nice to be able to come out from the shadows and share my knowledge to a wider audience on social media. The Home Industries section at the A&P Show has been one of those few places where we can physically display what it is we do.  It's where you can see all the wonderful things created in 'real life' and not on a screen.

Our Boy's are Show veterans, this is them years ago checking out an Alpaca exhibit. 
So this year I am so thrilled to be appointed the new section head of the Hawkes Bay HandMADE section - encompassing our local craftspeople and domestic artisans.  This year our goal is to encourage all this cleaver people who are creating sharing such beautiful work online to enter and display their work at the Show.  Taking the workmanship from behind the LCD screen to larger than life, full HD colour and you could get rewarded for your efforts.

One of the many entries I have made over the years

Entering is so easy and you also get free entry and car parking to come and attend the show.  Have a look at the revamped schedule of classes HERE and downloaded your entry form HERE and give it a go!