Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Renly has been my yarn assistant for the day!
I have opened today primarily to catch passengers of the Cruise ship currently docked here.  Really I was expecting it to be quiet, calm, relaxed.  I bought my wee pup in, Renly, for company.  I packed my knitting.  Had the iPod playlist sorted.

Since 9.30am (we open at 10am) I have been frantic!  A steady stream of customers, locals & places far flung, a phone that's been running off the hook & lots & lots of yarn!

So now that I have managed to catch my breath, I just wanted to wish everyone a very festive holiday season.  I hope you have some time to put your feet up & knit.  Our shop will be now closed until the 13th of January, but the web store will be up & running for orders, just expect some delivery delays due to the statutory holidays in this part of the world at this time of year.

Merry Christmas from the Skeinz Team! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Summer Lovin'...

Now available at - Waipatiki Sliver 24 micron
 In last weeks post I give you a glimpse of where some of the inspiration comes from for colour selection when we create new ranges, you never know where inspiration may strike.  The other beautiful thing about our Skeinz is much of our 'trial' product ends up there for you to purchase & create your own inspirations.

 The terracotta and aqua transition comes to life after it is handspun.
Waipatiki - the NZ beach themed sliver that has been available for the last two weeks has been selling like hot cakes.  One of our shop regulars bought this in for me to have a look at this morning - she has spun the yarn & knitted a small hat as a test knit before she goes onto a larger project.  She was unsure about the terracotta/aqua transition and toyed with the idea if plucking it out before spinning.  But once she spun & plied her work together she saw the genius of the two colours & is just thrilled.  So I made sure I snapped her work so you can see what can be achieved.

Yes I get to knit at work - it is work - honest!!
It's also so important for me to see what everyone is doing, it lets me know whether we are on the right track.  This week as the silly season ramps up, I have been seen at various events with one of my Skeinz test swatches.  Testing on a new dye technique, I have been swatching to see what the yarn looks like knitted up across various stitch patterns.  It's the perfect knitting for this time of year, as distractions are common & alcoholic beverages are plentiful!  So on that note - make sure you select your festive season projects accordingly & may I suggest you don't start that intricate lace shawl until the New Year!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Constantly Craving Colour

Colour , tones & shapes from nature help in the inspiration process.
Whilst some parts of the mill are busy getting orders completed and wound up (pun intended) before Christmas, I am busy working on all the developments for 2014.  One of the constants is searching for what colours either own their own or in combination that will give you that knitting itch & have you craving to cast on.
The Left hand colours trend to Vintage whilst the Right hand colours are full of possibility

Already on the right track...
Inspiration has many guises.  Events, weather, nature, fashion, trend reports.  All the information is gathered and then we tinker. Colours that you wouldn't imagine going together two years ago are potential bedfellows who's courtship is yet to be decided.
Colours seen here can lead to....
Clashes, catastrophe or the perfect match
This is where you try, dye, spin & play some more.  It really is great fun!  That's what is great about being a home spinner - I can fiddle with combinations at home.  
The combination of Hydrangea & Fennel flowers
Nature is so good at doing this - she puts things together that more often than not just work - the trick is for us to take her inspiration & translate it into yarn. So on that note I will take my leave & start stalking Mathew, I feel a yarn trial coming on...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Whats New Pussy Cat...

The great Texas yarn massacre!
This image arrived in my inbox from Lyn of her cheeky feline after it had been exploring in her knitting bag.  It got me to thinking about our pets, knits and what we could be doing for them this holiday period.
Renly looking regal in his Crocheted jumper
For the first time this year my husband allowed me to make a jumper for our Bulldog puppy to keep him warm over the Winter months - up until them I had been having to keep myself content with knitting for my best friends Devon Rex cat, (not the she particularly liked the outcome!).
Lily the Devon Rex wasn't especially keen about her jumpers.
There are though many wonderful patterns out there to knit for our pets - so I thought I would compile some links for you to get inspired about that projects you might want to cast on for your furry friends.
A plush sweater for a plush pussy.
Cats Love Sweaters by Christine Landry
A customizable free pattern to knit for your favourite feline - but be careful, these fashionistas can be fickle, make your yarn selections wisely!

Hooded up & ready for action!
If your cat has a more streetwise sense of fashion then you have to check out the Cat Hoodie by Kristin Roach.  With this pattern you'll have the toughest looking tabby in town.
You can be quite the smart Chihuahua about town in this.
If it's a dog you like to knit for you are spoiled for choice - there are patterns for little dogs (ie smaller than your average cat!) my personal favourite was this Nordic Dog sweater by The Knitting Traveler

Bright & Breezy 
If your dog is a little larger - I just love the Rainbow Pooch Sweater - as you could personalise it to reflect the mood of your particular pooch.

Or if you feeling like pushing the envelope you could always go for something a little more adventurous....
Dogosaurus Rex.... Really?!
Lion Dog... Hmmmmm
Lastly - a Hot Dog!