Monday, October 24, 2011

Back in Jumperland.

A seriously fabulous jumper & a small selection in the background of what has arrived today.
I have snuck into work to check progress & post a wee update. My 1st official day back is tomorrow, but I just wanted to see what has cropped up over the long weekend.

As this event has gone quite viral I just wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page.
We were asked by a third party to gather knitters to knit a small number of these jumpers for the wildlife teams, to have on hand for the birds that were effected.  They had a family member working in the rescue centre & the request was genuine.

This was a technique successfully employed during the Tasmanian oil spill & the jumpers are now part of the Tasmanian oil response kits.  I was asked to help with collect a few dozen jumpers together, but the power of modern media has spread this request around the globe - for me it has been a surreal experience.  As someone who has knitted jumpers for this cause & the feeling of goodwill you experience in doing so.  I have spent much of my holiday away making sure I am able to manage the response we have received.  As I have replied to you all, the response has been overwhelming - my email count has now surpassed 2000 & still climbing.

Firstly I have had a request from an Australian Wildlife team wanting to take the surplus jumpers to add to their Oil Response kits.  I have also had requests from people wanting us to auction some jumpers to help raise funds for the penguins & for the clean up effort.  Once all the jumpers have come in, the Skeinz team will be making a Post Penguin Jumper plan to make sure that all these will go to places where they are needed & can directly help the various efforts within the spirit to which they were intended.

In local media it has been reported that the jumpers are not being required after all. I have been asked whether I am bothered about the fact that no birds at this stage have worn the jumpers & honestly I can say no, I'm not bothered in the least.  In fact I am relieved.  I see this entire event as nothing but a triumph in the human spirit - that thousands of you from all around the world have wanted to spare some of your time to help.  It's an out pouring of love & kindness which I think we can all be proud & thankful.


  1. I really enjoy your blog. It was inspiring ready of the knitted jumpers. Hopefully, if there is another need I'll be able to help.

  2. This is so amazing. Do you know of any other type knitting/crocheting could be done for a cause? I'm familiar with making items for preemies or stillborn infants, also for cancer patients. This might be a nice place to list various causes people could make items for.

    I can't lie, though... I'm still dying to make something for a penguin. :D

  3. Kathy from Atlanta, Georgia here. Since I cannot knit will you let us know if anyone (toy company, ambitous crafter, etc.) come out with a life size tiny penguin in the sweaters to purchase with proceeds going to help the penguins please? Thanks:)

  4. This was such a good initiative, would have loved to participate. I'll follow this blog from now on, in case something else shows up. Also, congrats to the Skeinz team for advertising it and making it work! you make the difference!
    Emma from France

  5. I second Kathy's post. The penguins wearing their sweaters have received world-wide attention. Toy penguins dressed in sweaters donated by knitters would be a great fund-raiser, and would allow knitters to continue to help the cause.