Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Going Retro.

Battlestar in it's first incarnation
Galactica - The yarn inspired by the TV Series
When I was in my 20's "Going Retro" mean getting in touch with your inner beatnik & channeling the 60's, today the 80's is considered retro & I saw someone trying to pass something from the 90's off into the same retro genre - I think I am having one of those "you know when you're getting older moments..."
Who remembers these guy? NKTOB
New Kids on the Block yarn - Acid Wash jeans all the way!
However having a little experience under your belt isn't exactly a bad thing when it comes to designing new colours & yarns.  Peter & I have been tinkering away with a new "Acid Wash" look technique, inspired very much by the 80's fashion, look & culture.
I just LOVED this show in the 80's!  Johnny Depp's first big role.
The range is part way through development, but we have just released a limited number of the prototype yarns into the store to share with all of you.  I have been working a project in the colour way 21 Jump Street & have loved the graduating effects of the base colour with the "graffiti" layer of colour over the top.  Check the colours out now & if you are feeling nostalgic, snap them up whilst you can, colours are very limited.

Jump Street the yarn - a little bit acid wash with some graffiti attitude.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


The Natural shades in Silver lining
 Shooting out for my lunch break today Pharrell Williams "Happy" was on the radio & I thought that is just so appropriate for all the deliciousness which has come past my desk over the week.

Julia Stanfield's Poplar Cowl knitted in Silver Lining 
Silver Lining is now fully loaded on it's entirety - Naturals & earthy tones.  I swatched some of the Triple Peak over the weekend for a vest I planned for my husband - it is just so lush!
Also the Poplar Cowl that I test knitted for Julia Stanfield in the Clifton Stone is now available.  The project is in the shop & has been fondled, caressed & modeled by many of our Skeinz regulars.
Miranda's brightly wrapped 'Urban' trees for Wool Week
Also over the past week the Campaign for Wool week has been making a splash around the country - especially in Auckland.  We worked alongside Auckland Designer Miranda Brown & supplied some of our Urban yarn for her "Tree Wraps" that featured at Britomart in downtown Auckland.  The 'Urban' looks great & certainly brightened up what was a dull week weather wise in our biggest city.

The first two Heritage Kid Mohair colours
Waiting in the wings that certainly made me very happy are the first two Heritage Kid Mohair colours.  Now in the shop (I'll load to the web store when I have the range in it's entirety) the Jelly Baby & Teal just scream "HAPPY".  I know most people poo hoo Mohair as their perception is of something fluffy & fuzzy.  This Kid Mohair is far from this - it's incredibly soft, pliant & because it has been spun into a smooth DK yarn the lustre that is unique to Mohair shines through.  I am itching to get it on the needles & get a project knocked out for you all ASAP.

In the meantime: Knit on & be happy!