Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things that make you go Mmmmmmm...

3 of the 5 new colours of the Heritage range.
Call me sad, tragic, hopeless, it doesn't matter. One of the things I love about my job is when I walk in the Mill door I never quite know what I am going to see, and some days make me feel gooier than others.  This week I walked in & this is the first thing I saw.

Puddles of the most glorious yarn, but oh not any yarn, the new colours as part of our Heritage range which has been in development all year.  So for someone sad & tragic like me, walking in to see all this lusciousness is the closest thing to yarn orgasm you can get.  So here is me sharing my sad little secret, and also giving you a wee taste of what is soon to come to the shelves of Skeinz.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

KAN Collecting

KAN retreater OD's on yarn during the Skeinz Mill Tour

Knit August Nights Registrations have now opened 

Skeinz has been the foundation sponsor of the Knit August Nights knitters retreat.  We love being able to show off Napier to knitters & throw open the Mill doors for a series of tours over the weekend.  have a look at what's on offer & plan a Winter weekend getaway to come visit us at 4KAN.

Workshops 2013

Stream One

Class One

Colour My World – Morag McKenzie (3 hours) -  


Examine how colour works: learn to understand how colours are made and how to combine them for best effect in your dyeing, knitting, spinning and other crafting.
You will engage in exercises with paint and knitting and will come away with a deeper understanding of how colour works and how to make it work for you and all your projects.
Suitable for knitters, spinners and dyers – anyone who wants a greater understanding of colour.

Class Two (A)

The Return of the 10 Stitch Blanket! – Susan Hagedorn  (90 minutes)

Back by popular demand is the runaway success from KAN:3 – the 10 Stitch Blanket!
Knit a snuggly blanket for yourself or to gift. Big needles, chunky yarn, no sewing, fast knitting.
An ideal blanket to knit for babies, lap-rugs or throw over’s – you decide how big you want to go.
This workshop will teach the method of making short row mitred corners to make Ten Stitch blanket.
An Elizabeth Zimmermann inspired blanket worked in any weight yarn using Garter stitch and only 10 stitches.
Learn the method which gives virtually instant gratification by beginning in the middle of the blanket with knitting a square spiral, joining as you go.
No sewing up required and finished when it’s as big as you want or you run out of yarn.
You will need to know the principles of and how to knit slipped stitches, psso and short-row knitting, although these will be covered in the workshop.

Class Two (B)

Beyond the 10st Blanket! – Susan Hagedorn  (90 minutes)

Did you take the class last year or want to carry on & take the 10 stitch blanket even farther?
Using the 10stitch method, explore further ways to use this technique.
Wow your friends and family with creations you have crafted for accessories, garments or your home.
A brief revisit to the basics of this method will be made during this workshop.
Recommended that you are familiar with this technique, or have knowledge of knitting short-row mitred corners. Great follow on if you took the class last year.

Class Three

The beautiful & talented Justine Turner

Designed to Thrill – Justine Turner (3 hours)

Do you search Ravelry trying to find the perfect pattern that is “in your head”, do you alter elements of every pattern you knit? This neckline with that arm length, this vest design, but that stitch pattern? Save yourself the disappointment and time wasting and design it yourself!
Internationally reknown childrens designer Justine Turner will teach the basics of knitted garment design and the process to follow to get the result you want, from the basics of gauge to the design choices that make all the difference.  If you missed out on this class at Unwind, book early, as numbers are strictly limited.
Suitable for intermediate knitters, you should have experience constructing garments.

Stream Two

Class One (A)

Introduction to Intarsia with Tumbling blocks – Doing the Twist (90 Minutes)

Tutor – James Herbison
Have you ever wanted to add colour into your knitting but were scared at the prospect of getting all tied up with stranded knitting techniques?
Well fear not, this is the class for you! Intarsia is an easy alternative to fairisle knitting which won’t leave you all stranded…  it will however have you ‘doing the twist’ in no time at all.
In this class we will apply the Intarsia technique to the eye catching geometric Tumbling Blocks pattern which originated in patchwork but was famously adapted to knitting by Kaffe Fassett. You’ll be provided with a graph of the pattern as well as written instructions during the workshop.
James Herbison - a master of colour & Kaffe Fassett

Class One (B)

Introduction to Modular Knitting – Knit to be Square  (90 Minutes)

Tutor – James Herbison
Do you have lots of odds and ends in your yarn stash that you don’t know what to do with?
You’re not alone! Modular knitting is a fun and colourful way to stash bust and learn a new technique at the same time.
Modular knitting involves making small pieces of knitted fabric (modules) which are then joined together to make a larger item. Fear not… joining them together does not involve any sewing! This clever technique allows you to knit the modules together as you create them. In the workshop you’ll learn and practice the technique with a basic square shape and be shown other shapes to experiment with as time allows.

Class Two

Introduction to Crochet – Sofia Moers (3 hours)

This class was so popular last year & I have had so many requests to repeat
it again for this year, making it bigger & better! Learn the basics of
Crochet, the base stitches & see how those few stitches can open up an
entire new world. This is the perfect class for the absolute beginner or
people who haven’t had a hook in their hands for many, many years. I
promise you Sofia will have you truly hooked after 3 hours!

Class Three (A)

Introduction to Cables – Nanette Cormack (60 minutes)

Cables & Aran knitting with cross over stitching is back!  If you can knit stocking stitch, you can cable – whilst they look tricky, knitting cables is an absolute doddle & the Nanette will guide you through the basics for cabling & crossover stitches.  A great class for beginners – you just need to know how to knit & purl.
Nanette Cormack is back with her essential skills sessions - a must do!

Class Three (B)

Introduction to Reversible Cables – Nanette Cormack (60 minutes)

Love cables but hate to use them in projects where both sides of the work shows because the back of the cables look ugly and unfinished? This method of cabling ensures that both sides of your work will look fabulous with either identical cables or fraternal cables. Great for creating scarves, shawls and even reversible hats.
Suitable for intermediate knitters and beyond.  New to cabling?  Make sure you complete the Intro class first.

Class Three (C)

Introduction to Linen Stitch – Nanette Cormack (60 minutes)

Love the look of woven fabric but don’t own a loom?  Well learn the secrets of Linen Stitch.  Linen Stitches unique woven appearance lends itself to some amazing colourwork options.  It’s reversible, striking, hard wearing & up mostly beautiful.  If you can knit & purl you can learn Linen stitch.

Stream Three – All 3 hours

Some say attending one of Morag McKenzie's classes is a divine experience

Class One

Contiguous Concordance – Morag McKenzie - Limited Spaces

Explore the Contiguous set-in sleeve method: learn how to knit set-in sleeves from the top down without seams or complicated set up. The contiguous method creates a sleek, interesting sleeve line that fits and flatters most people well. Learn how to adapt the method to fit you and get tips and techniques to working it easily and neatly.
Suitable for knitters who have knit garments and can work in the round.

Class Two

Letting yourself go with Freeform Knitting– Sharleen Greer

Incorporate every stitch you’ve learnt, together with the exciting colours and variety of yarns available today, mix in a little imagination and you’ve found this fascinating technique of freeform.
No matter what level of skill you’re at or how creative you believe yourself to be: if you allow colour, texture and form to lead the way….intuition, spontaneity and the sheer joy of doing to be your guide, freeform can take you on a fascinating adventure.
In this workshop you will make a piece of freeform work. We will then look at how you can begin to make a garment or bag using the freeform technique.  The key to this class is letting yourself go, let your creativity take hold & start a love affair with your scrap bag!

Class Three

Heavy Metal Crochet – Frances Stachl

This class explores taking your existing fibre skills to a new medium – fine gauge metal wire.
Students will make up simple crochet patterns in metal wire and look at ways of transforming these into light and delicate pieces of jewellery.
Copper wire will be available in class for a fee if you do not wish to provide your own. In addition to this, students will also have the option to purchase sterling silver wire once they feel more confident.
Suitable for crocheters of moderate confidence. If you have completed the Intro to Crochet class you will be adequately equipped to take this class.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Craving Cotton

Iced - from Knitty Fall 2010
Whilst I'm feeling sorry for myself, full of a head cold, shivering in a NZ Winter, I need to remember that not everyone is feeling the cold.  'Up North' the Spring is making way for Summer & those in equatorial or tropical climes only fluctuate between wet & dry.  So part in homage to those who live in these locales & in remembrance to my recent (but now seems like a distant memory) holiday to a South Pacific island, I thought I would get busy & load up a selection of beautiful, plush, soft, easy wear easy care cottons we have in store.  These are pure Egyptian Cottons which are totally squish-tastic - we have had the Naked Cream available for some time (currently sold out - but on order), but we also have 3 neutral shades & 2 gelato shades.  They are amazing value as they come on 125gm 'wheels' with a massive 225m per wheel.

Easy to work from in these plush large 'wheels'
Cotton is perfect for warmer climates as it provides light coverage & is easy to wear & wash.  A quick Ravelry Search unearthed a variety of patterns, from bags, cloths & wraps, to baby designs or quickly whipped up tee's.  My personal favourite was Iced (pictured top) published in Knitty  Fall 2010.  A versatile jacket that would work up quickly & easily become a front of the wardrobe pick.  I would do mine in Silver, but you could also lengthen the jacket to make a short robe to wear after the shower or by the pool.
The shade 'Lagoon' was named for this spot I visited a few weeks ago.
So if you are looking for some knitting to do over your 'Summer' break - check out our cheeky cottons.