Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alpaca Adoration

The new very limited edition range of  Skeinz Alpaca Pure
Behind the closed doors at Skeinz, in the heart of the yarn kitchen we process a lot of Alpaca.  When I say a lot, I mean A LOT of Alpaca. It seems strange then that we don't do a range of Alpaca or Alpaca predominant yarns ourselves, until now.

My favourite from the new collection - it's just such an optimistic shade!
Especially to celebrate Knit August Nights & our sponsoring of the Alpaca hand crafts section of the Hawkes Bay A & P Show, we have produced a very small limited edition range of pure Alpaca yarns.  Pure Alpaca has a lightness, softness and warmth that is quite unique.  It doesn't have the energy & fibre memory as wool, but what it does have is a floaty drape that lends itself to light dreamy garments, wraps, shawls or feminine cardigans.  Because of it's smoothness and softness it is also a great option for children you need something very gentle next to their skins.

Damask Shawl
 A couple of patterns I think would look amazing in the Skeinz Pure Alpaca are the damask shawl by Kitman Figeuroa. Available in 3 sizes and in both written and charted format, it's feminine and would showcase the properties of Alpaca perfectly.

Beautiful Buttercup
The second is Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier.  Kirrmaier is famous for her free flowing style or easy to wear garments that flatter everyone.  She is one of my 'go to' designers if I am looking for something special to add to my pattern collection.
A bouquet of loveliness - Heritage Alpaca Merino

The other thing I love about Alpaca is how nicely it plays with other fibres.  if you blend it back with wool you have a yarn that takes on the best from both fibres:  Softness, drape with structure & style.  In our Heritage range we have introduced a new 50/50 blend of Alpaca with Organic Merino to produce a seriously squishy, lovable yarn.  Available currently in 4 shades from the Vintage palette: Merlot, Charcoal, Rosehip & Alpine with Pewter still to come, it's a range that begs to have colours mixed and mingled, blended, just as we have blended the two fibres together.

So start your Alpaca adoration today.  Skeinz Pure Limited Edition Alpaca $4.95 50gm for a very limited time & Heritage Alpaca Organic Merino $6.50 50gm