Tuesday, August 28, 2012

KAN and Penguins

Stocking up at the KAN market
Knit August Nights 3 wouldn't be the success it is without the support from Skeinz.  You can check out some of the happenings at KAN:3 here, meanwhile the staff at Skeinz, especially Mary, Peter, Robynne & Ian were all kept very busy feeding the yarn addictions of the Kan-annites.

Skeinz hosts two tours & also appears at the knitters market on the final day.  It was a great event & a great way for us to introduce new yarns to a committed yarn public, that just ate them up.

Skeinz has also been featuring in the media again, with a 3 page article in Country Threads Magazine & in a recent edition of The Twist Collective about the penguin project.

Speaking of which - the below are photo's of the Havelock North Scout troop building Little Blue penguin burrows for Cape Sanctuary - all made possible from the donation for the Skeinz Penguin Fund.  So if you have knitted for or bought a penguin - this is all your good work too!

Thank you to Tamsin Ward-Smith from cape Sanctuary for the images.