Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Celebrating Wool Week 2014

Once the fibre has arrived it get a good carding
To celebrate wool week 2014 we have launched our new Silver Lining fine micron Rare Breed Merino.  A ultra fine 17 micron Merino made from small coloured flocks that are dotted around the more isolated parts of New Zealand & it's outlying islands.
From carding it's then spun & off it goes for a sauna
These are the flocks that genetic's forgot.  So pure that they have adapted over generations to their own unique environments to produce a fibre that is not only fine, but beautifully coloured & unique to New Zealand.
Once it has finished it's sauna, it's time to get wound & ready
Usually these fleeces just get blended back with the larger Merino clip, but we are delighted to have liberated them & to have spun them into a truly special yarn.

All set & ready for your needles and hooks
Silver Lining has been blended into 4 natural shades & we have over dyed one of those naturals to produce an earthy palette of 5 sumptuous colours.  Usually merino this fine never finds itself into hand knitting yarn.  I have already completed a sample project with it & I can honestly say I am seriously smitten.

Just a joy to knit - so soft that even the most sensitive of people could wear it against the skin.
So if the gray weather is getting you down, have a look at the Silver Lining that we are offering you & at the same time Celebrate with us Wool Week, as we are a proud partner of the Campaign for Wool NZ.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fresh New Look!

A much more vibrant homepage!
For the last several months & have been quietly working on a freshen up for the skeinz.com site.  In five years we have seen huge growth & it was time to have a site that looked a little fresher & was populated with images of yarns made onsite.

The design & development team at Zeald (Thank you so much Bruno & Eve for all your help) have done a great job in making the site. I still have a bit of work to do tweaking some links, improving some of the product photography & propagating some pages.  We have decided to go live and work on all of these elements so 'in the moment' so to speak so we don't disrupt your ability to shop & get your Skeinz yarn fix.

there's still more to come, we will be adding a rotating Gallery Image & we are working on a new Skeinz rewards programme. So watch this space....