Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wrapping Up!

The Original Ever After Gauntlet
Who broke the Weather?  After one of the most glorious Summer/Autumns we have had for several years being hit by the first polar blast of the year has come of a bit of a rude awakening for many of us.  The silver lining to this very grey cloud of course is it is perfect knitting & crochet weather - so if you are yet to pick up your needles or hooks for the season, the time is definitely now!

I designed these as I was getting cold hands when out walking my son
A great project to get started & is very practical are finger less gloves or gauntlets.  My Ever After Gauntlets have been out for a number of years, but for those who have yet tried them, they are a great project for in front of the TV, they can be completed very quickly & for frosty morning very, very handy!

Don't be afraid to play around with the length.
You can download the pattern for FREE here.  Also check out the Ever After Cowl, almost as quick to knit & will keep your neck toasty warm.  The Gauntlets use 1 ball of DK yarn & the Cowl uses two.  The new Moody Hues solids are perfect for this as the yarn is so soft & warm.
EA Cowl modelled by my son - get the look using Vintage Carmine.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brother Beear

Vintage is just perfect in this beautiful cardigan.
I am so excited at the release of Beear from Georgie Hallum.  I have no secret at the fact that 'tikki' (Georgie's Ravelry persona) is one of my favourite designers - her Milo is the 'go to' pattern for my son's wardrobes year on year.  This season Georgie has used the wonderful way Vintage colours work together to create this deceptively simple yoked cardigan.  Ideal for boys or girls, I can see me starting one of these for my son's very, very soon!  You can download Beear from Ravelry here.  Trust me, it will be the best $6AUD you'll spend on a pattern this year!
Vintage Cadet Blue is the main colour 
Vintage Colour combo's to consider for your Beear.
The Little Princess
MC: Merlot YC: Tapestry, Porcelain, Rosehip

The Little Prince
MC: Cadet Blue YC: Alpine Green, Porcelain, Oilskin

The Magician
MC: Grape  YC:  Nasturium, Port Wine, Sweetcorn

Lirrle Miss Sunshine
MC: Sweetcorn YC: Tapestry, Porcelain, Oilskin

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Setting the Mood

The new solids: New Leaf, Geranium & Grape.

I just wanted to post this as a wee teaser.  We are adding 8 solid shades to the Moody Hues Range.  They are the 8 most popular shades from Harvest, translated into the Merino/Alpaca/Possum base of Moody Hues.  Because the base yarn is slightly darker, the final colours are richer, broodier, well moodier!

I will photograph & upload finished yarns very soon - but in the meantime enjoy the glimpse of Geranium, New Leaf & Grape.