Sunday, August 16, 2015

Primary Pleasures

The magic that is... Rainbow.
Often the phenomenon of hearing a song or smelling a scent that evokes strong memories, but also seeing vibrant colours or an unusual shade can take you back to time, place or person.  One combination of colours that we see that does this again and again are the primary colours that make up the Rainbow.

Spinning he new Terabyte iRainbow
Who doesn't like a Rainbow, they make us smile, they promise gold or unicorns or journeys to other dimensions.  They symbolize equality and inclusion, the sunshine bursting through on a dull day, stripping back what you think is white light to actually find this miracle of colour.
 As a parent, rainbow shades are your child's' introduction to the wonderful world of colour.  The richness of the primary shades and their blended siblings are our first unconscious teaching into nature, science and mysticism.  That is what when we make yarns inspired by the rainbow shades or in the rainbow shades, they just make you happy and smile.
The limited edition  sliver called Chasing Rainbows
New to Skeinz this month are an extension to our rainbow coloured Urban DK range.  We have added a 4ply/sport yarn & a bulky/12ply yarn to give you a rainbow selection in every weight, for every occasion.  Urban Sport is a Merino/Nylon blend, the same as our Naked Sock blend.  This gives you a multi functional yarn soft enough to knit for the wee ones in your life, but durable enough to make a rainbow range of socks for everyday of the week.

New Urban Express in  Rainbow shades

Take this same philosophy and super size it and you have Urban Express.  This 12ply (Bulky) weight yarn is what you go to when you need to get a project worked up - FAST.  It is such a brilliant yarn for children as it is soft enough for them to wear happily, yet the nylon makes it durable to cope with what the playground will throw at it.
Terabyte iRainbow Merino DK
Then there is the new long print yarn called Terabyte - this has taken 5 of the Rainbow shades and printed them onto the sliver before it is spun.  The yarn then has very subtle graduations of colour, sometimes soothing, often vibrant and never in the same place at the same time - just like a real rainbow.  So if you feel the feed to evoke a happy memory or just work with yarn guaranteed to make you smile - knit yourself a Rainbow.

You'll never know what you'll find at the end of the iRainbow