Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Stitching

Heritage Organic 'dressed' for the festive season.
The great irony about much of the holiday imagery from this time of year is of snowy scenes, Santa wrapped up against the cold and preparations of festive fare which is rich and hearty is for us at the Skeinz mill is we are basking in Summer sunshine, heading to the beach and barbecuing at every opportunity.  That is the joy of a Southern Hemisphere lifestyle.

Jo from our FB Group is working in a Vintage blanket this season.
So you would think that not much knitting gets done down here at this time of year, and whilst stitching does drop off as Kiwi's and Aussies hit the beach, this is also our peak Summer holiday period.  So think camping, cruising, hitting the bach (small holiday cottage usually based at the beach or a lake - we have plenty of both here in NZ) or just chilling at home with the family.  Extra time for knitters is gold, knitting a vast array of projects this time of year.  Some find the relaxing vibe the perfect time for doing that lace shawl, others knit small items in the summer heat, or for me, I get all my years accumulation of scraps and crochet blankets and cushions.

My Doodler MKAL by Stephen West (two of the three yarns were spun at the Skeinz mill)
I have also recently discovered Mystery Knit-alongs (MKAL).  I have completed two very different MKAL's across the Spring and I can see the appeal.  You purchase the pattern based on a basic concept description and details of the materials required and each week you receive a clue to knit up.  Discussion is fierce among Ravelry message boards and social media lights up with progress pictures and commentary.  It's a great way to freshen up your knitting and be involved in a larger conversation at the same time.
Mel in Wellington is working on this crochet masterpiece, again in Vintage
What are you working on this holiday period?
We'd love to know - so make sure you post your WIP in either our Ravelry Board or the Facebook Thread and every post goes into the draw to win an amazing Skeinz prize pack.  You have three colour theme's to choose from: Rainbow Child, Contemporary Chic or Down to Earth.

In the meantime, regardless of where you are, sit back, relax pick up your knitting and embrace the holiday spirit - Cheers!