Sunday, January 31, 2016

From our Yarn Kitchen to yours.

Over flow from the heart of the Yarn Kitchen
 I love, love, love this time of year because it is when we have the entire year ahead of us and all there is to see is not just possibilities, but probabilities.  All the ideas that percolate around from the previous year get some context and traction to turn into something tangible - they turn into yarn!

Colour swatching for one of the yarns in production

The process of concept to yarn can take months, even years.  Making sure we a cooking up something that you would love to play with is vital, then we need to get our ingredients right, flavour it correctly and finally put in a workable package for you to go home and make some magic happen.

Base yarn testing whilst watching
This year I have two yarns currently in post production, which means they are about to leave the kitchen to come home with you, three in production and six in pre-production.  That doesn't include the new colours also coming out in existing ranges and the other odd surprise along the way.

Naked Yarn getting reeled into hanks.
All of these yarns have been made from direct feed back from you.  Your contributions to Facebook, through the website, talking to me at Unwind and KAN or popping into the shop and letting us know what you like, what you don't and what you's love to see more of.  We also love seeing all the new Indie Yarn Kitchen's popping up using Naked Skeinz yarn.  The flexibility, fluidity and imagination of what is being cooked up at home is truly inspirational and incredibly satisfying to see.  This means more and more Naked Skeinz will be joining the fold to enable you to paint & create wonderfully individual yarns.
Unwind in Dunedin 2015
I will be travelling down to Unwind in a little over a month with Naked Skeinz in tow along with a few other goodies.  I'd love to see what you are making in your yarn kitchen's, so pop by the Skeinz stand and say hello!