Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Getting Prepped

Unless you are a truly lost cause on the yarn front, like me, who buys yarn just because you have to HAVE it, before you indulge is yarn shopping at sale time you like to have a pattern all ready & waiting to go.

So with this in mind, I have compiled a list of what I think are some of the hottest patterns around on Ravelry at the moment.  From a mix of local NZ & international designers, these patterns are all sure fire winners.  I hope there is something here that gets your fingers twitchy to cast on, just click onto the links to browse & purchase direct from the designers themselves.

For Little Girls

Perfect for little girls - Shelley Bay
Shelley Bay is the brand spanking new design from Sarah Ronchetti (Rav ID: Sezza).  For little girls aged from Newborn until 10 years, this is a great cardigan for any girls Winter Wardrobe.  It would look great in colour effect or solid yarn.
Skeinz Yarn Pick:  Vintage Premium

For your Tween
Beautiful Aria 0 Seen here in Prism Jelly Baby & Pumpkin Patch

Aria by Justine Turner (Rav ID: justjussi) is a Skeinz shop favourite.  We sell the printed pattern in store & we just love, love, love the bold bright colours.  It's a great pattern for that difficult tween age, but it starts it's sizing from 2 years, so an ideal tunic for kindy or school.
Skeinz Yarn Picks:  Prism, Urban or Vintage

For the Wee Man

Greyson- Knitted here in Urban Coffee & Ice
Having two boys of my own, finding great functionall boys patterns is harder than you think.  Greyson is new from Julia Stanfield (Rav ID: j-j),  Julia is a designer that gets boys & Greyson is a must have for the pattern library.  Knitted top down in one piece, it is the quintessential classic V-Neck pullover.  You can jazz it up with colour or texture yourself, but Julia has given you the perfect template for boys from Newborn to 12 years.
Skeinz Yarn Picks:  Urban, Vintage or Southlander

For the Big Boys

Play around with colour & texture

Stephen West is one a designer that creates cleverly constructed, highly fashionable designs for both men & women.  His designs look like they could have come direct from a high street store, so if you are looking for something for a special man in your life, Stephens designs certainly must be a first port of call.  His Hofsos Pullover is a rustic jumper that looks good of him or her, it's a classical shape with a couple of interesting twists.
Skeinz Yarn Picks:  Southlander, Skeinz Vineyard Colours or Skeinz Silver

Accessory Indulgence

A 'Must Have' accessory for this Winter
Matina Behm is the designer of the famous Hitchhiker, she is mistress of must have knit accessories.  Her new design Viajante, is a three dimensional wrap/shawl/scarf with not a purl stitch in sight!  If you are looking for a project to pick up & down in but has a sharp design element, then check this out.
Skeinz Yarn Pick:  Skeinz Lace Sock

For Grown Up Girls

My current project - knitting up like a dream in Moody Hues
Lastly I have to include the pattern that I am currently working on.  Each year I try to do cardigan/jumper for myself.  This year I am knitting Miss Jane from Georgie Hallum (Rav ID: tikki).  Known best for her children's designs, Miss Jane takes all the elements that Georgie is known for, ie cleaver construction, well written patterns, & fabulous styling.  I am three quarters of the way through mine & delighted with the results so far.  It's got extensive sizing & would be flattering on all body shapes - a real must have cardy for any wardrobe.
Skeinz Yarn Pick:  Moody Hues, Vintage, Moondance

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clearing the Shed!

Just a hint of what's in the sale!
It's that time where we round up all the bits & pieces of stock which have accumulated over the years & have a massive pre-season stock clearance.  I have so much stock this year that I have hijacked the dispatch area & set up trestles groaning with glorious yarn.
The sale is loaded up onto the web, but the best treasures are in store.  So don't dilly dally about, get down to see us or check out the sale on the web.  I want as much gone as possible & it all must finish by months end....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Itchy Fingers

Rich, warm, soft, yum!
I have issues with distraction.  I have a clear list of everything I have to achieve in the short amount of time I spend on site at the mill, & wallop, I get distracted by the seriously amazing yarns that turn up on my doorstep.
My imagination is running wild.....
Today's distraction is this - a totally new yarn.  A super chunky multi fibre blend yarn rope, spun with a great texture, loft, softness & colour which had me downing tools & frantically casting on to see what it will do.  I like, I like, I like! If you have a bent for super fast knitting or high street fashion knits, this will be the yarn for you & what's more it criminally cheap at just $8 a 170gm skein.  Available now.