Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Summer Lovin'...

Now available at skeinz.com - Waipatiki Sliver 24 micron
 In last weeks post I give you a glimpse of where some of the inspiration comes from for colour selection when we create new ranges, you never know where inspiration may strike.  The other beautiful thing about our Skeinz is much of our 'trial' product ends up there for you to purchase & create your own inspirations.

 The terracotta and aqua transition comes to life after it is handspun.
Waipatiki - the NZ beach themed sliver that has been available for the last two weeks has been selling like hot cakes.  One of our shop regulars bought this in for me to have a look at this morning - she has spun the yarn & knitted a small hat as a test knit before she goes onto a larger project.  She was unsure about the terracotta/aqua transition and toyed with the idea if plucking it out before spinning.  But once she spun & plied her work together she saw the genius of the two colours & is just thrilled.  So I made sure I snapped her work so you can see what can be achieved.

Yes I get to knit at work - it is work - honest!!
It's also so important for me to see what everyone is doing, it lets me know whether we are on the right track.  This week as the silly season ramps up, I have been seen at various events with one of my Skeinz test swatches.  Testing on a new dye technique, I have been swatching to see what the yarn looks like knitted up across various stitch patterns.  It's the perfect knitting for this time of year, as distractions are common & alcoholic beverages are plentiful!  So on that note - make sure you select your festive season projects accordingly & may I suggest you don't start that intricate lace shawl until the New Year!

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