Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Constantly Craving Colour

Colour , tones & shapes from nature help in the inspiration process.
Whilst some parts of the mill are busy getting orders completed and wound up (pun intended) before Christmas, I am busy working on all the developments for 2014.  One of the constants is searching for what colours either own their own or in combination that will give you that knitting itch & have you craving to cast on.
The Left hand colours trend to Vintage whilst the Right hand colours are full of possibility

Already on the right track...
Inspiration has many guises.  Events, weather, nature, fashion, trend reports.  All the information is gathered and then we tinker. Colours that you wouldn't imagine going together two years ago are potential bedfellows who's courtship is yet to be decided.
Colours seen here can lead to....
Clashes, catastrophe or the perfect match
This is where you try, dye, spin & play some more.  It really is great fun!  That's what is great about being a home spinner - I can fiddle with combinations at home.  
The combination of Hydrangea & Fennel flowers
Nature is so good at doing this - she puts things together that more often than not just work - the trick is for us to take her inspiration & translate it into yarn. So on that note I will take my leave & start stalking Mathew, I feel a yarn trial coming on...

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