Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Its the little things...

Doesn't this look so pretty - Suzanne is in raptures!
It doesn't make much to make us happy here at Skeinz. Yarn makes us very happy of course everyday - so for this we are very lucky, but sometimes we get unexpected surprises that make us even happier.

This week this has taken the guise of warehouse shelving.  Now for most that might not seem like much, but for us this is a HUGE step forward.  Because we are a mill when we restock a colour in stead of 2 bags it's always a minimum of 18!  So that meant we had the Himalayas in the form of brown boxes in our Skeinz warehouse.  Peter has been on the hunt for new shelving & the perfect combination for our warehouse & cartons has now being found - & the first shelves look great!
My bottles of joy!
The other wee jewel of happiness is our new Skeinz Super Soft.  We have bottles us this creamy liquid of joy for everyone to have, use, try & love.  It's the commercial grade softener which we use here & I have been trialing it for the last 6 months to see if it will translate into domestic use.  Quite simply - it does & I am madly passionate about the stuff.  It's just $8.95 for a 250ml bottle and will make your knitted items softer, wear better & last longer. AS I said, it's the little things that make us happy!

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