Monday, July 22, 2013

Knitting for Baby

It's a Boy!
I'm not the most sentimental royalist - I have friends who are - but there is something about the birth of a baby that get's the mother in all of us twitchy.  I was utterly delighted for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, William & Katherine, as they welcomed their new some into the world this morning.
The delicious Cherub Cardigan
Before I knew it I was on Ravelry looking for Baby patterns, the satisfying search & then discovery of the perfect pattern that you can whip up for that special wee babe & their new parents. As a mum & a knitter for newborn sons myself once upon a time ago, having something that is easy to wear, practical to get on & goes with the wee chaps wardrobe were all considerations for me.  My favourite designer of all things knitted for baby is Justine Turner aka Just Jussi.
Aviatrix - a classic
Justine is a mother of 5 daughters & recent years a grandmother - as a designer she had all the experience to make sure that her designs work.  Her Aviatrix bonnet is online pattern gold, and her most famous design, but I also believe her baby basic's ebook of 7 patterns is an essential in any expectant mother, grandmother, aunties, or best friends knitting arsenal. And who can resist those heavenly wings of Justine's Cherub Cardigan.
My selected design to knit for the new Prince
To celebrate here at Skeinz the Royal birth, I can compiling a parcel of small hand knitted baby garments to send up to the wee prince.  His grandfather, HRH The Prince of Wales is the founder & patron of the Campaign for Wool & our new Heritage NZ Organic Merino is the perfect yarn to knit something for such a precious baby.  Email me if you'd like to help out.  I'm sending the parcel on the 5th of August, if you email your pattern idea, I will send you a ball of either Heritage Myro Fawn or Indie Blue.  I suggest knitting to 3-6 months in size to accommodate for the English Summer.


  1. The English summer is drawing to a close. Wouldn't winter or autumn be better?

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