Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scrap Happy

We've all got them.  You know, those bags of little bits of yarn  The part balls, the left overs from projects, but not quite enough to do something useful on their own.  The Scraps Bag.  Don't feel bad, I have more than one & in our Skeinz Shop we also have the Thread waste bin, our very own version of the scraps bag.

Last Years 'Rugby' Cushion - Knitted when watching All Blacks test matches
I thought I would share with you my favorite solution for all those extra wee bits.  I am on a quest at home to recover all my cushions from boring store bought to quirky fun hand knitted creations.  I reworked a pattern from Mason-Dixon knitting, abstracting the traditional quilters Log Cabin into a knitted format.

Mix it up - it doesn't have to be logs
The advantages are:  No sewing other than the outside seams, you can just keep stacking your 'logs' up until you get the right size to custom fit your cushions & most importantly, it uses up all those scraps of yarn.  Really there are no rules with this, so let your imagination go wild - you can work 'logs', stripes, blocks - get scrapping now!
My abstract version finished this week.

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