Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not so Mellow Yellow

Vintage Sweetcorn is the same hue & looks amazing on little girls and boys
 Yellow is a quirky colour in the yarn trade.  It's a colour that will never break sales records, and yet we still have yellows in our colour stories.  Why?  Well, Yellow makes other colours in a range 'pop'.  It is also a great contrast for colour work & every decade or two it crops up as a fashion 'must have' colour.

Double Strand Perendale Papaya & knit this simple Garter stitch jumper on 10mm needles
That's the case at the moment.  Starting with saffron & mustard styles of yellow a few seasons ago & now graduating to full on zingy citrus & buttercup hues - yellow is out, loud & proud.  And not just as accessories either - jumpers & jackets in the sunny shade are spicing up Winter wardrobes in the this hemisphere.

Urban Papaya would help achieve this look
If you are wanting to brighten up your Winter knitting check out the selection of yellow's we have.  From the vibrant Papaya in Urban, Perendale or Whisper, to the rich Gold in merino Soft 4ply or the subtle Vintage Sweetcorn. I am sure we will have a Yellow to butter you up!
Yellow is a great way to brighten up geometric prints.

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