Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Unwinding in Dunedin

The Skeinz table at Unwind 2016
One of the things that is wonderful about my job is the ability to travel once a year to Dunedin to the Unwind Fibrecraft retreat and catch up with all things yarn, fabulous and awesome in the very fashion forward city of Dunedin.  It's great to catch up with friends old and new and to be able to take down new yarns and get a southern spin on how things are done, loved, stitched and created.
Just some of the faces & Traders from Unwind
There is an energy in Dunedin that is quite unique.  A combination of culture, history, isolation, stubbornness and invention that gives Dunedin-nites a great outlook.  The projects, colours and styles are quite different to what I usually see in the north and it helps me get inspired about new directions in The Yarn Kitchen.
The faces of Unwind 2016
Attending retreats is a great way to get to meet other yarnies with an equal amount of fervor as you and to also get inspired.  You get to appreciate how clever we are as a nation and appreciate the fabric of people that go into making up our industry.

One of the new yarns launched at Unwind - Queen Bee (Photo by Outlaw Yarn)
This year we are really spoiled for yarn events.  Unwind is in March and booked ended at the end of winter is Knit August Nights (of course) in Napier.  Also on the calendar is the very success full Woolfest in West Auckland in late may and for those in the south WoolFeast in Christchurch in June (on Worldwide Knit in Public day no less).  If you do get a chance to attend any of these events - do, and hopefully we will see you at one of them soon!

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