Sunday, March 1, 2015

Green Machine

The new Orb Merino with Vintage Filigree Pistachio
I have talked about colour preferences before, especially when it comes to our own tendencies towards certain colours.  Peter here at The Yarn Kitchen will always tell you that when I go to compile a colour collection ultimately I would have selected at least 2 greens.  I am that predictable!

Fresh, vibrant & verdant!  Fresh from the dye house this morning.
What pleased me greatly today was when I was on one of my sojourns around the mill I came across three dye house tubs, all filled with three shades of vibrant verdant green.  None of these yarns were for Skeinz, so it proved that I am not the only one with green fingers.

Heritage Organic Merino in Maju Green - the ultimate in 'Green' yarns
We also take 'green yarns' to an entire new level.  Here at The Yarn Kitchen (Design Spun) we are the only mill in Australasia that is BioGro certified, processing organic fibres into delicious hand knitting yarns.  At Skeinz we have our Heritage Organic Merino sport.  The most dreamy two fold yarn in five gelato colours - obviously including a green!

This cosy knitted years ago in a vibrant Olive shade has reappeared this year in Orb
One of the beauties of green is that is is a secondary colour made up of yellow & Blue.  You may think this doesn't mean much, but you would be mistaken.  This means the variety of green combinations you can produce is almost limitless.  Unlike a primary colour, green can slip and slide up and down the blue/yellow spectrum giving you so much variety.  From the most oceanic Teal through to jade all the way across to the most citrus Lime, green can off so much & will always remain a favourite here at The Yarn Kitchen. (pictured below Southlander Java Oatmeal & Gypsy Oatmeal)

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