Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Knitting, Alive and Well.

My entries for this year - the most I have ever done.
The A&P Show season has started in this part of the world.  here in Hawkes bay, we have a Spring Show to coincide with our 4 day Anniversary weekend.  At Skeinz we have always been a supporter of the show, sponsoring two section in hand knitting and this year the overall prize in the Alpaca Handcraft section.

It was nice to see some new techniques - it's a pity you can't see the beading on the blue shawl, its stunning.
Previous years have seen entries in these areas slowly erode away.  I have entered for the last half dozen or so years to help show may support and also put in items that I would like to see.  As the traditional source of entries dwindles a new group of knitters have emerged entering garments and pieces displaying new techniques, new colours, new styles and fresh thinking.

Creative Cosies
It was wonderful to see Alpaca entries more than triple and general knitting entries up by about 25%.  I entered the most I have ever contributed and I loved being able to visit the display and see such wonderful work that continues to inspire me & hopefully other knitters to keep the needles busy over the warmer months.
A small display of some of Skeinz Alpaca yarns

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