Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Recovery Required!

Colourful Collection
Firstly a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in our epic pre-season sale last month!  It was so exciting to meet so many new Skeinz converts & to have so many exciting yarns to be able to share with you all.  The new 10ply & Sock random prints were especially popular & we still have plenty of 10ply for the upcoming season.  I have decided to keep the especially sharp pricing as a thank you treat for such a successful sale.

The first week of this month I spent hiding under my duvet with a very nasty case of bronchitis, but it did mean I got to spend some time catching up on some reading & research.  It has been a great month for pattern releases in Skeinz yarn.
A must have for this Winter
Gabriella Henry from SweetP Designs launched a delightful shawl pattern using our Vintage.  A combination of both the Premium DK & the Filigree - Filigree the Shawl is a satisfying yet simple pattern - a great one for the Winter repertoire.  We have given away two of this lovely pattern to two lucky Skeinz customers who purchased Vintage in February.  Congratulations to Joanna Taylor from Auckland & Patricia Johnson from Whangarei - Gabriella will be in touch with your pattern soon.
Yeah Baby!
Also this month was the next installment of the Stitch Seekers Men in Knits calendar.  Mr March featured a very Darcy-esque scarf pattern by Deb Moore in our very own Texas.  This image has been circulated among the girls here & has met with wholehearted approval.
I so wish I had the figure to pull off these panties!
This has gone in my queue
Also from the Stitch Seekers team is their first pattern collection called Decadence & Decay.  It's a collection of patterns that beg to be dressed up & will add flare to your Winter Wardrobe.  From panties to gauntlets, shawls & capes it eludes to an opulence from a pre-revolutionary time.  I can't wait to see the next installment due out in August.
Would also look Great in Heritage Organic Merino
A fabulous freebie launched last month on Ravelry was from RachelC the Te Ara Fingerless Mitts.  Made in the now sold out Skeinz Vineyard colours 4ply, you could also make these in our Merino Soft 4ply or even the Heritage Organic Merino.  Definitely worth the download.
Great work Amy!
Lastly from my favourite project file is this stunning blanket from Amy van de Laar (Rav ID: baroquepurls).  It is a real labour of love & a great use of Skeinz Prism.  Make sure you check it our on Ravelry, it certainly gets me itchy to drag out my crochet hook!

I'm off to Unwind tomorrow - so look out for updates on our Facebook page!

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