Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Summer Charity

These stunning blankets are knitted by Sekinz stalwart Rae for the Wgtn Neo-Natal Trust
As the mercury climbs in this part or the world, you often don't feel much like knitting, or you want projects that don't test the mind & can be put down & restarted with the minimum of fuss.
Charity knitting is perfect for Summer time projects.  Whether is blankets squares or baby beanies for your local SCIBU, this knitting checks all the boxes & is always greatly appreciated.

Knitting for Prem's - Available from Skeinz
Skeinz has been supporting Wellington's Neo-Natal Trust by stocking their beautiful pattern book for Preemies.  We are selling them for just $15 & it's a great addition for your own knit library or as a gift.  The ribbed beanie featured in the book is a SCIBU staple, and the going home set is totally adorable.

Bright Penguin Jumpers Needed!
Charity blankets are also brilliant stash busters - we have donated blankets to babies, surgical wards & hospice.  Also if you are wanting to knit Penguin Jumpers for our Penguin Fundraising efforts - we'd love to accept them in the brightest colours you have.  The Mascots have been a hot item for Christmas gifts this year - I am really looking forward to distributing our Penguin funds in the New Year.

Our second Dollar Day yarn - Sold Out in just a few hours!
At Skeinz we try to have yarns which are prices especially for charity knitting.  If you have an eye for a bargain then bookmark our new Dollar Days page on our website.  These are randomly selected yarns, on randomly selected days, which for 24 hours or until they sell out, are just ONE dollar - yes - ONE dollar!  The first two yarns evaporated - so to make sure you don't miss out, join our Ravelry or Facebook group, where I will be posting the Dollar Day yarns.  If you want to start knitting for charity & don't quite know where to be sending your knitting, drop us a line and we can point you in the right direction, so don't put those needles away just yet & cast on for charity.

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