Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From Point A to Point B

These are the Grey clouds I like to see.  Naked Brushed Mohair.

It's quite a faff making yarn. We are unique as we make yarn from raw fibre, nursing it along every step in the process. This can mean sometimes up to 8 - 10 steps for you have a finished ball of yarn ready to knit.

Matthew doing his best Yeti impersonation!
The man at the beginning of this process is Matthew August.  He's our Technical Manager, fibre hunter, sliver 'cook', spinning problem solver.  Often found lurking about the bales with a hook in his hand, Matthew is the man who gets to see the fibre in it's rawest form, but also has to visualize the potential yarn.  He's the poor bloke who has to field endless questions from me about mixing, spinning, twisting & blending & I am sure quivers each time I materialize in this office or hunt him down in the Mill & utter "can I pick your brains for a sec Matthew".  So next time you have a ball of Skeinz yarn in your hand, think of poor Matthew - the man who heads up the "Point A" team!

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