Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Craving Cotton

Iced - from Knitty Fall 2010
Whilst I'm feeling sorry for myself, full of a head cold, shivering in a NZ Winter, I need to remember that not everyone is feeling the cold.  'Up North' the Spring is making way for Summer & those in equatorial or tropical climes only fluctuate between wet & dry.  So part in homage to those who live in these locales & in remembrance to my recent (but now seems like a distant memory) holiday to a South Pacific island, I thought I would get busy & load up a selection of beautiful, plush, soft, easy wear easy care cottons we have in store.  These are pure Egyptian Cottons which are totally squish-tastic - we have had the Naked Cream available for some time (currently sold out - but on order), but we also have 3 neutral shades & 2 gelato shades.  They are amazing value as they come on 125gm 'wheels' with a massive 225m per wheel.

Easy to work from in these plush large 'wheels'
Cotton is perfect for warmer climates as it provides light coverage & is easy to wear & wash.  A quick Ravelry Search unearthed a variety of patterns, from bags, cloths & wraps, to baby designs or quickly whipped up tee's.  My personal favourite was Iced (pictured top) published in Knitty  Fall 2010.  A versatile jacket that would work up quickly & easily become a front of the wardrobe pick.  I would do mine in Silver, but you could also lengthen the jacket to make a short robe to wear after the shower or by the pool.
The shade 'Lagoon' was named for this spot I visited a few weeks ago.
So if you are looking for some knitting to do over your 'Summer' break - check out our cheeky cottons.

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