Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Itchy Fingers

Rich, warm, soft, yum!
I have issues with distraction.  I have a clear list of everything I have to achieve in the short amount of time I spend on site at the mill, & wallop, I get distracted by the seriously amazing yarns that turn up on my doorstep.
My imagination is running wild.....
Today's distraction is this - a totally new yarn.  A super chunky multi fibre blend yarn rope, spun with a great texture, loft, softness & colour which had me downing tools & frantically casting on to see what it will do.  I like, I like, I like! If you have a bent for super fast knitting or high street fashion knits, this will be the yarn for you & what's more it criminally cheap at just $8 a 170gm skein.  Available now.

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