Monday, November 5, 2012

Knit Romney!

You win just for having such a great name Mr. Romney!

I was very fortunate to live in USA as an exchange student in the late 1980's & ever since I have had a fascination with American politics.  Let's face it it is so much more interesting than our Kiwi version.

November is medical conference season for my husband and now that our boys are old enough to have some 'Granny' time, we head away tomorrow for 12 days up in Chicago.  This means that every 4 years we hit the US in the middle of election fever.  I couldn't let this go.  Firstly we are heading to Obama country so it may seem a little arse about face that we are having a promotion using Mitt Romney. But lets face it, when you have the same surname as New Zealand most populous sheep breed - well I'm sorry I just can't let that one go.  So it's Knit Romney time at - with discounts on all our Southlander hanks, made from NZ's very own Romney sheep.

So win or lose Mitt - just for your name your a winner on our book - Knit on Mr Romney!

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