Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Desk Duty

A desk tidy is needed!
In my bid to be more disciplined about posting more often, & getting as much done for Spring & Summer arrivals here in Napier, I have been pretty busy.  So today I am pulling desk duty to get through as much as I can.  As mentioned previously, we are now signed up as a Ccampaign for Wool partner & we are very excited about what we can do to spread the wool message.

So as you can see I have received some marketing material from CFW including some bumper stickers. 

My marketing material from CFW

Do you want one?  If so - when you place your order at skeinz.com, just enter 'Bumper' in the comments box & we will include one in your order! 

We'll also enter you into the draw for the Shades of Winter book.
My next job after posting this is to swatch up the cream wool yarn sitting next to the CFW material - I am sooooo excited about this, we are experimenting with some finer micron single origin wool yarns - this is where I need 'squish-ivision', it is just divinely soft - yum!

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