Friday, March 16, 2012

Good Energy

Our jumpers in the Mercury campaign
If you were anything like me - I almost dropped my drink & fell off my chair when I saw the new Mercury Energy 'Good Energy'  TV commercials air recently.  If you haven't seen the commercial - watch here for yourself. 

Peggy with her LBD
We are thrilled that the team at Mercury Energy think our penguin project has 'Good Energy' - we have sent the team at Mercury their very own Peggy complete with her own wardrobe, including the LBD pictured above.  Make sure you check out Mercury's website & the fundraising they are doing for Starship hospital.

On the Skeinz Penguin Rescue Fund fundraising front - we are about to hand over two cheques.  Both parties have been contacted & we are just co-ordinating the handover with their representatives - so watch this space.


  1. Hi - this is Cassie (from the digital team at Mercury).

    We wanted to let you know that we saw your blog post and wanted to say "Thank you" for your kind words.

    Also, Peggy is sitting on my desk right now (she travels from desk to desk) - in her warm Mercury coloured jumper.

    You guys are definitely a shining example of good energy in NZ.

  2. Hi Cassie - Isn't she great! I have a Caesar living in my office wearing his best Italian tweed jumper. I know Peggy will have a great time in your offices!
    Keep up all you good work too with Starship & we all LOVE Tiki's rendition of the Over the Rainbow.