Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yarn.... Yes Yarn!

Uber cool - Te Pohue Alpaca/Wool DK
It's great to be back after the Summer break here in Napier.  The online store has been very busy this year - largely aided by the wettest festive holiday period in many a year.  Great to see that even in a New Zealand Summer, knitters are not deterred!

It was great to get back to the mill & see a few yarn surprises for me.
On the Organic front we have the most buttery organic Classic Navy DK.  It is a 4 fold twist - so has plenty of rich body & will knit up on the 4mm - 5mm needle with ease.  A new Prism limited edition colour has been released - a vibrant jewel deep Cerise.   This screamed at for days until I finally relented & took some home.

Screaming Cerise - now to be found in Buscke's stash!

Organics don't get all the limelight - we have had a couple of Alpaca yarns arrive in stock also - an Alpaca/Wool blend in an uber cool random print I have dubbed Te Pohue & an ultra premium fine micron 100% Alpaca in Ocean Blue.  We have also added another colour to the Urban MW stable - Coffee.  A great taupe that compliments the Denim, Bay Leaf & Ice beautifully.

Speaking of Urban - as you may know - 20c of every ball purchased goes to the Skeinz Penguin Rescue Fund.  At the end of the month we will be having a reconciliation of all the funds raised from the sale of Urban, Penguin Jumpers & T-shirts.
The Rena splits after the weekends rough weather.
 Now that the Rena has split into two & one part has sunk adding additional complications for salvers, & rescue crews alike, we want to make sure we can get the first lump of funding across to NZ Forest & Bird to keep up all their good work in the region.  We still have plenty of Penguins dressed in jumpers available if you wish to help out! 


  1. so there is this club - Save The Animals- at my school and this month's focus revolves around sweaters for penguins and since we are high school students we were wondering how we could help
    and maybe for a little clarification on the need for sweaters- whether they are still needed or whether the current amount in stock is more than enough?

    hope to hear from someone soon

    1. Hi - We are now selling the sweaters to raise money for the ongoing clean up operation in that area - so if you wish to knit sweaters we will certainly use them - but also spread the word about the fundraising & the penguins that we are selling through the more we sell, the more we can donate.
      Stay in touch.
      Cheers Maree