Thursday, June 9, 2011

August Adoption

Christine from Creative Napier with our 'Tree Anenome'
At Skeinz we are very proud to be supporting a special Napier Community fibre art installation.  Along with Creative Napier & Napier Inner City Marketing we are endeavouring to have the 99 trees that line Emerson Street (the heart of the Napier CBD) adopted by knitters, crocheters & other fibre artists.  Once adopted, we need the new tree parents to create a unique 'Tree Cosy' for their new tree child.

Christine (from Creative Napier) & I have already made our 'Tree Anenome' & I have also made another 'Autumnal Cosy' which is on display at the Skeinz shop.

If you think you'd  like to adopt a tree, contact Skeinz, we have adoption papers available.  The installation will be up from August 13th - 28th - so if you are attending Knit August Nights for out of town you will be able to see your tree child & cosy.

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