Thursday, November 25, 2010

Running Away to the Circus

Circus 10ply - Dora

Finally Circus has crept its way through to me & what fun we have had. Circus is a real experiment with colour. Firstly we created a feminine colourway which is very aptly named Dora. Perfect for all those who love that bilingual explorer, it a combination of pinks, oranges, lemons & purples - Very, Very, Very Dora….

Jester3 MonkeyD

Then the Monkeys moved into the dye house - well needless to say these were very cheeky monkeys that got dye all over the place & we have now contained them into a ‘barrel’ - Called Jester3, we have 6 Monkeys in all. Monkey A & B have only got 27 balls each, but Monkeys C thru F went a little crazy & we have plenty of the little blighters who need homes. Circus is very keenly priced - Just $3.50 a ball (or 2.25 Euro/GBP) - so brighten up you knitting & run away to the Circus!

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