Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crucci Crush

Landscape (left) & Gorgeous (right) add some spice to the Skeinz shelves!
If you have been a knitter in New Zealand at anytime over the last 30 years you'll remember & love Crucci.  This is a classic kiwi yarn brand which has been bringing innovative yarns to knitters for decades and now at Skeinz we are delighted to be able to offer Crucci yarns to you.

My Shrug knitted in Crucci Landscape
In a special brand partnership, we have 3 yarns which really suit the Skeinz brand ethos - Bright, vibrant & fun!  The first is Crucci Landscapes, a 10ply wool alpaca (75/25) blend done in contemporary random shades.  This means you can use them across a wide variety of ages and genres & it knits up like a dream, I knitted a shrug in it & just thrash it, so I am quite smitten with Landscape.

The bright jewel colours of Crucci Angora
If brighter is better - the you are spoiled for choice between the zany bespoke handspun look of Gorgeous 12ply or the rich jewel colours of Crucci Angora.  All yarns are available now for a limited time, at very special partnership prices.

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