Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yarn that Speaks to Me

I would upload dozens of yarns a month, you could say I was literally drowning in the stuff. I have to be made of stern stuff, do you know what it's like working in the thick of something that you love so much? It can be torture I can tell you!

I have become quite disciplined over the years, only re-homing yarns that I have a specific purpose/pattern for, but every now and again a yarn 'speaks' to me. Today it was this seductively coloured super chunky Merino Alpaca. A single roving yarn which is super soft & can be transformed into some ultra high fashion items. As soon an I saw the reds & purples of this yarn all I could think about was a Midsomer Murder Mystery, hence it's name "Death in a Chocolate Box", get seduced now, just freshly uploaded to

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